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ON3 S550 turbo kit building

New pages coming to better serve every ones turbo kit needs, please not every thing is posted here as needed just yet

youll need the twin blanket t3 for this kit

this is the cat back system that on3 designed the kit around, it can works with other 3″ catbacks as well and this has to be slightly modded to fit but works perfectly

We offer the Sai li start up and full tuning options as well

Here is the maf screen we offered with the 11-14 kits to get the maf signal smooher when extending the meters range out

these oil pump gears are a must when building a boosted coyote!

breather filters for the valve covers for a basic setup (other options coming soon)

we have a few choices on injectors and many other not listed here as well

for best pricing on id injectors please call the shop

and as always we have takin the on3 fuel system and make it complete with rails for those looking to run e85 and of course going all out!

you are for sure gonna need the colder heat range plugs for your coyote if your doing a turbo kit

and yes we offer all the driveline upgrades you need as well!

Mcleod clutchs flywheels drive shaft shop axles and shafts and frpp axles and gt350 intakes etc and so on coming soon to this listing all of which can be found in our store