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ON3 87-93 fox body turbo kit building

New pages coming to better serve every ones turbo kit needs, please not every thing is posted here as needed just yet

Below is my DIY package thats proven itself time and time again, below that is the basic on3 kits and options and upgrades, these pages help you build the on3 kit the way you want it with all the supporting mods all right in a row to build it how you like too

in the ads you will find links to my install guides and buying guide which are very helpful when trying to build what all you truly need when doing a on3 turbo kit for your fox body

With the fox kits below you can select no turbo and add what ever precision unit you would like as well from out selection that we offer (bare with me as i am trying to place everything here)

ON3 fox twin system!

ON3 LS fox swap kit and yes it has been used on 94-04 cars

on3 y pipe does not work with 351 kit or ls swap kit as those kit have 3.5″ down pipes

This is a product we build in house and stock normally for the on3 kits since the vortech pipe is so over priced!

the other things you might need as well