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Turbo kits

We are your one stop shop in Columbus Ohio for turbo charging your Mustang,Camaro or almost  any car out there!3773

Best price on ON3performance kits


We offer the ON3 kits fully installed and tuned out the door with all the proper supporting mods needed. (please email on this, (we Taylor each kit and install to fit your needs)


We install just about any turbo kit out there, and we can make even ebay kits work correctly in most cases!

 to go over details of turboing your project, email me at


Click here for our Install and buying guide while we edit this page

If you are looking for on3 install instructions please go to the forum button above and go to the tech section. we are adding more to the installs daily.


Looking for ON3 turbo kits and all the supporting parts? please click on the webstore button!



Below is some of our base power packages we have came up with, stick shift cars get a much needed clutch to handle the power the turbo kit can make!

for a none stock car please email me at the email a bit farther up this page for a custom quote for your build