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Project Consultation !

Well, maybe you want to ask a REAL expert on what you might need for your first turbo project!


Well, here is your chance!



updates updates updates!

Tons of updates including online sales of on3 turbo kits! yes thats right. we will sell on3 turbo kits without a install, and we offer a slightly discounted price to save you some money! and yes if your having us do the install, you get way better deals on the kits and what not! email us today

On3performance turbo kits complete

We offer On3performance turbo kits installed tuned out the door. we build each car to fit the customers needs and wants. we do use the 67mm ball bearing turbos only on the popular mustang models. we do offer kits complete for Gm cars aswell!


We do also install just about any turbo kit and provide tuning for about any kit on the market aswell. email us today with your needs!