webstore is delayed (sorry)

at the current time the webstore will be delayed till the end of the month!

major issues came up with trying to convert the files over and well we just arent happy with the way it was, so back to loading items and building each one by hand with proper descriptions and pricing

sorry for the delays but as always we try to build things to where most of your questions get answered before you ask them

Install guide access button

hopefully this works, adding a button here to help people get access to the install guides

you will receive a email with instructions on how to access the install guides




If you would like to donate because the install guides have helped you please email or send your donation to themustangfam@gmail dot com via paypal, thank you

ON3 Install Guides by Gearhead Rob (How to Access)


You dont need to!


Gearhead Robs install guides are intact and will be getting new videos posted and tons of new pics that was collected by him over the past year or so ! The Link to the Youtube channel for all of his videos is Gearhead Rob Tech videos  

If you are a past Customer of Robs, you are still granted access! Just email Me at themustangfam@gmail.com and i will look up your order to verify and give you the password


If you would like access to the Install guides we are taking $20 gifted donations to help keep the install guides intact and keeping them up to date via our paypal account and you can email on that process


The Tech section of the forum is password protected. Gearhead did a video on this on the youtube channel a while back explaining why, so we have just continued it! once we get our new store in place , all the links in the buying guides will be updated and moved to a free access area as well as staying at the beginning of the install guides as well




Our ebay store is now linked off the site

We do have alot of random stuff we put on ebay from time to time so make sure you keep a eye out on that page as well!


Working hard on getting a new store setup for all the on3 products and possibly other products as well as it seems some of the vendors are not liking that we “dont have a shop”

Bare with us in the Change over

Instead of having the site in maintenance mode we wanted to make sure most could find the install guides.

most know the button here


Gearhead Rob worked with on3 from the start of them with the fox kits.  His experience with them is unmatched. we are working on making the buying guides part of the New store we will bring you! also coping them over into a public section on the forum which you see when you select the install guides button. Yes the tech section with the guides is locked down. we do sell the password and log it thru the system rob designed and working on a better solution to that and also trying to keep them from being copied as well!


if you need access or tech Help for On3 kits please email us at themustangfam@gmail.com and i can assist you in this process


Welcome to The Mustang Fam LLC website

yes this is gearheadbuilt.com still! we at the Mustang fam pruchased the website from gearhead rob for many reasons! we realize rob worked very hard at doing his on3 install guides and many have helped donate to keep them in place for future use!


stay tuned here to see what we bring next, we are working on bringing back the webstore interface as fast as we can so we can continue to bring you great tech info and proper guidance on your next/ current build